Biometric Laboratory

Biometrical Laboratory is a facility used by the whole faculty where computer-based image analysis (NIS Elements AR) is widely applied. The programme, together with various sensing devices (digital camera with special objective lenses, multi-purpose microscope, illuminating devices, scanners etc.) enables the creation of a digital image of any object. Recently, the laboratory has been working on the following problems: e. g. analysis of wood structure and growth processes, microscopic and stochastic analysis of wood dust, damage and vibrations of circular sawblade and the kerf surface quality, damage to trees and stands due to various factors, analysis of reduction coefficients for pulpwood, measuring of areas and many other features even of very irregular shaped objects and structures, etc.

Ther are following some of particular projects which has been worked in our laboratory:

  • Analysis of wood structure at different levels (makro, mikro)

  • Microscopic and stochastic analysis of wood dust

Related outputs:

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  • Damage and vibrations of circular sawblade and the kerf surface guality

Related outputs:

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  • Damage to trees and stands due to various factors

Related outputs:

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  • Analysis of reduction coefficients for pulpwood
  • Analysis of annual radial increments of wood species (tree-ring analysis)

  • Structure evaluation of plywoods compressing

Related outputs:

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  • The wear process of router bit during the machining dovetail joints

Related outputs:

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