Geographical Information Systems

Theoretical lectures:

Lecture presentation [Dec 08, 2019; 189 MB] 


External links to other sources:

Modeling our World: The ESRI Guide to Geodatabase 

Principles of Geographic Information Systems: an Introductory Textbook

GIS Dictionary

Beyond Mapping III


Geospatial Revolution



1. Introduction to ArcGIS desktop

2. Georeferencing

3. Collection of vector data in ArcGIS

4. Attributes editing, creation and export of final maps

5. DEM - Digital Elevation Model

6. Attribute queries

7. Suitability Mapping using ArcGIS

8. Topographical and hydrological modeling

9. Friction distance and the best routes

10. Map algebra

11. Database queries


Old exercises in Idrisi software.

Short introduction to Using Idrisi [4.0 MB]

Compulsory exercises of Idrisi Selva Tutorial [10.0 MB]:

2-1: Cartographic Modeling

2-2: Database Query (ppt [0.3 MB])

2-3: Distance and Context Operators

2-5: Cost Distances and Least-Cost Pathways

2-6: Map Algebra

2-7: MCE: Criteria Development and the Boolean Approach

2-8: MCE: WLC

2-9: MCE: OWA

6-1: LCM:Projects and Change Analysis


UNITAR Workbooks

There are also UNITAR Workbooks freely available on the Clark Labs web pages. Each workbook is available to download in PDF format and includes a review paper and a set of exercises. The content of workbooks includes Applications in Forestry, Applications in Costal Zone Research and Management, GIS and Mountain Environmentsand Applications in Hazard Assesment and Management.