Czech Republic IDRISI Resource Center

Department of Geoinformation Technologies
Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
Mendel University in Brno
Zemedelska 1665/1
613 00 Brno-north
Czech Republic

Contact: assoc. prof. Martin Klimanek

Tel: 420-5-4513-4017
Fax: 420-5-4521-2293

Jointly administered with the Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia.

The Department of Geoinformation Technologies provides applied research and education in Remote Sensing, Surveying and GIS; IDRISI is also used at Ph.D. study program in Applied Geoinformatics. Basic activities are focused on landscape monitoring and the management of renewable natural resources, particularly forests. The Department participates on geoinformation support of precision forestry technologies including methods of digital mapping, interpretation and classification of satellite images and laser scanning point clouds; multi-criteria analysis and geospatial web services are also employed. Current activities and offerings include the development of local GIS training, IDRISI User Group meetings and technical assistance.

The IRC conducted a workshop in which analysis and recognition of special regional characteristics in landuse management were the focus at the LLP Erasmus Intensive Program “Socio-Economic Challenges in European Forestry” in 2011-2013. Instructors and students from Finland’s Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural University in Cracow, Inverness College (UK), and Mendel University in Brno were present. Led by Martin Klimanek and Lucie Zejdova, students explored the Spatial Decision Support Systems available in IDRISI software through the examination of a spatial decision case study. Features of Clark Labs’ Land Change Modeler were also introduced.